396 Not following tracks

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396 Not following tracks

Post by 777 »

I downloaded GPX tracks from Basecamp on my Zumo, then convert them to trips. I often find that it wont follow the route.

It will show me to turn, once i have turned , it then tells me to make a u turn, if i carry onthe same road them it re calucalte and carries on with the track. It does not just follow the line like my Etrex used to. Is there a way i can have it with just a line Etrex style that i can follow? Most are tracks we have made form Google earth, single tracks etc. What are the best avoidance setting in this case, and any other setting i might need. I have tried to Google and You tube, but not really winning?
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Re: 396 Not following tracks

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If you simply want a line to follow then keep them as tracks, converting them to a route can throw up all sorts of errors. If you want them as routes do the conversion in BaseCamp first so you can check they do what you want them to do.

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