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SD Card

Post by Grizzly »

Hi guys, how do I import from the memory card on the ZUMO 396 lmt s ?
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Re: SD Card

Post by rbentnail »

I've never owned a 396 but with both a nuvi 780 and the 595, the process is the same depending on what it is you want to import. I use Base Camp. Here's how I do it:

Use Base Camp to create my route. While still in Base Camp, drag and drop the route to my SD card. From here the steps differ a little because of the device menu changes but going to import lists all the route available both in internal memory and on the card. Separate waypoints, POI, Favorites or Saved Places cannot be imported from the card, they must be put in internal memory to see them.

I choose to put all my routes on the SD card. I never transfer them from Base Camp to internal memory.
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Re: SD Card

Post by jfheath »

Not sure about your model - but there are enough similarities to think that htese might be relevant.....

Routes on the SD card tend to appear below any that are in Internal memory on the Zumos that I know.

Waypoints / Favourites / Saved locations (depending on your Zumo Language) are only visible on the SD card if you have at least one stored in internal storage - on the 590, 595 and XT.

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