Music Pauses for Navigation Instructions

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Music Pauses for Navigation Instructions

Post by mike_walker »

Apologies if this has been answered but I'm struggling to find it if it has!

I've got my XT paired with my Cardo PackTalk Bold. I've got an ongoing issue where the intercom is completely muted if the XT gives some navigation instructions - which is really annoying and seems to be a problem for a few people.

Anyhow, to try and narrow it down I have tried to play music stored on the XT but the same thing happens - middle of a track the music is muted when a navigation instruction is given. Infact it isn't just muted, the track is paused by the XT while the instruction is provided. This is really annoying because I want to hear the instructions but not have the track starting and stopping all the time. I don't think it's a Cardo issue as everything (music/nav instructions) is controlled by the XT and (I presume) the composite audio is just sent to the Cardo.

Anyone have any ideas how to get the music to be mixed with the instructions rather than stopped?
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Re: Music Pauses for Navigation Instructions

Post by rbentnail »

Both my nuvi and my 595 do as you say- pause music, give instruction, resume music. It's a feature, not a bug!!
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Re: Music Pauses for Navigation Instructions

Post by electro_handyman »

I've also noticed this with my XT.
When I'm playing my iPod music thru my Sena headset the XT will interrupt the music for navigation instructions, however when I'm playing the music located on the XT it will pause the music for the nav instructions then restart the music.