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Hello everyone

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How To Use A Vacuum Cleaner Properly

There is no denying that a vacuum cleaner is an indispensable appliance in today’s households. Everyone is used to cleaning house with it, but are you confident that you know the proper way to operate it? Some people think that vacuuming is only about pushing and pulling the handle until the surface is clean.

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Pushing and pulling are some of the steps, but that’s not all there is to it. The following are 6 standardized steps for using a vacuum cleaner. Let’s check them out together and see if you’ve skipped any of the steps:

- Step 1: Examine the dirt container

If you are using a traditional vacuum, it is the vacuum bag. If you are using a modern vacuum, it may be a removable and reusable canister. Check if it is already full or just half-full; if yes, you need to change it for higher cleaning performance. Don't forget this step, or else your vacuum will malfunction.


- Step 2: Set the right height for your vacuum

Different thicknesses of carpet require different vacuum heights to provide enough suction and airflow. If it is adjusted too high, it won't have enough suction. In contrast, if it is adjusted too low, it won't have enough airflow. Set an appropriate height for cleaning your carpet, even if it takes you many tries.

-Step 3: Move smaller items out of the way

If you see something is in the way of where you want to be vacuuming, such as ottomans or coffee tables, push them aside to clear your way first. Don't let them hinder your cleaning process.

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-Step 4: Turn the vacuum on

When you've done all three steps above, you can turn on the vacuum cleaner. Pull and push the vacuum backwards and forwards on hardwood floors with the proper speed – not too quickly, lest you end up with half dirty, half clean carpets or floors.

- Step 5: Attach supporting tools

Use a series of attachments when you want to reach corners, edges, or specific surfaces such as sofas, curtains, or ceilings. Read the instruction thoroughly to get the best cleaning results. If you use the wrong tool, dirt will be pushed from the untouched corners to other areas.

- Step 6: Wash your vacuum brush

Though this appliance is used to clean your home, it needs to be cleaned too. Remember to get it washed regularly, depending on your cleaning schedule. Use water and mild detergent to clean brush attachments, and finally, rinse them with warm water. Let them dry before assembling the components and storing them.


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Do you follow the same steps at home when vacuuming? To get the best cleaning results and avoid wasting time, follow these 6 steps. They are very easy to do and keep your vacuum working for longer. Don’t be lazy and skip one of the steps – it will establish a bad habit, and your vacuum cleaner won’t obey your command anymore one day. Share these steps with your family members and your friends as well, as all of us will be grateful for a cleaner house and a happier life.
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Welcome to the forum reyesryder, hopefully you can get some help with your Z660.
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Re: Hello everyone

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Hello, and welcome.

If you look for the Zumo 660/665 forum in the board index. Post a message in there, and tell us what the problem is.
Here's a link to that forum.


Someone may be able to help.
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