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Re: Master Reset - map theme

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Many thanks for your response, time and concise information.
Taking your advice, I shall –
1. Keep the battery connection clean with cleaner more often, as I find this partially successful.
2. With regard to the System folder and Mass Storage Mode, these items are a little beyond my capabilities, but shall refer the subject to my IT best friend, who initially set up my custom theme and loves his sat-navs.
3. Formally 'eject' the USB device, before unplugging the cable.
4. Note your comment re Garmin Support that “they favour a factory reset default suggestion whenever anything is reported that is a bit out of the ordinary and if they thought that it made no difference, they wouldn't suggest it!”
5. I find that have my custom map theme already backed up and shall do the same with my favourites and following my meeting with my IT friend believe I shall do a master reset. Since I brought my 590 in 2015 it has given me good service and has been well used, and think now it requires master reset refresh, which will be a first on this unit.

Many thanks again, you have been so helpful, and look forward to letting you know in the future, how I have gone on, following my meet up with my IT friend and reset.

Good riding

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