My Zumo 396 is forcing me to re track and cover missed shaping points

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Re: My Zumo 396 is forcing me to re track and cover missed shaping points

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Biker Bill wrote: 22 Aug 2021 19:08 Hi there, thanks again jfheath I planned myself a route and made a couple of deliberate diversions and then rejoined and all went well. Wouldn't you now it I then came across another road closure and got to try it out for a third time. Couldn't get back on the planned route until half a mile from the end where I was planning lunch, once again it worked just as you said. By the way if you are ever in Thaxted try Parishes on the High Street, they do an excellent cooked breakfast!
Brilliant - thanks for the feedback.

That little exercise will boost your confidence no end. So thats what happens when you use just shaping points to steer the route.

It's not quite as straight forward with Via Points - but you use those only for places that you will definitely not want to by-pass. Breakfast for example. Then every longer route behaves just look a series of shorter routes. A stop and then nothing but shaping points until the next stop.

Thanks for the breakfast tip. I doubt I will be in Thuxted any time soon though. I had to look up where it was. I don't often get to the SE corner - partly because I once spent 3 years of my life in Luton. But I slowly recovered.
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