loading us maps

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loading us maps

Post by dave1504 »

every time i update maps it wont load us maps it loads can. maps then says its full called garmin they said no way to load just us maps. told me i had to buy new unit.i dont go to can. dont need there maps lol
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Re: loading us maps

Post by sussamb »

Garmin support are wrong, please follow the instructions in this FAQ

https://support.garmin.com/en-GB/?faq=b ... KUAt8x67J7
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Re: loading us maps

Post by electro_handyman »

Re SD card capacity chart, I've had no problems using a 32GB MicroSD card w/adapter in my 550.
Just remember even though you may have a card with the available capacity for the entire cont US, the file format used(fat32) will only allow a single file size of 4GB max, so you still can't load the entire lower 48.
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Re: loading us maps

Post by MSTOCK27370 »

Dave -

Connect your GPS to the computer and then load the map to the computer only.
Then use Mapinstall or Mapsource to load the portions of the map that you want to the GPS and the SD memory card.
If you want to streamline the process, take a clean FAT32 SD card and create a GARMIN folder on it. Then copy GarminDevice.xml from your 450 to the SD card, in that GARMIN folder. Now you can put that SD card into your computer card reader slot and then run Mapsource or Mapinstall. When you move the SD card back to the 450, the maps should be there.
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