"Where I've Been" Trail?

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"Where I've Been" Trail?

Post by rbentnail »

The title is a question b/c I'm not sure what to call it. My 595 has started doing something different that I've never seen before. The vehicle icon looks like it's crapping a thin blue dotted line on every road I travel. 3 part question:

what is it?

How do I make it stop?

How do I erase the existing ones?
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Re: "Where I've Been" Trail?

Post by electro_handyman »

Most would call it a "track log".... or breadcrumbs...
There should be an option setting to turn off the display of them.

I don't have one so I can't say if they can be erased/removed without connecting it to a computer and using Basecamp.
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Re: "Where I've Been" Trail?

Post by sussamb »

Agreed, somehow track log has been switched on. Switch it off in Settings, Device, Travel history