Finally got a Zumo and found the forum

Feel free to join up and say hello here.
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Finally got a Zumo and found the forum

Post by HipGnosis »

Hi all;
I've been using Garmins for years - started with a Street-Pilot on my motorcycle. Then went thru 3 765T's, including replacing a screen digitizer and having a usb connection repaired. I've got a Drive 6.1 and DriveSmart 5.5 in my cars and now got a ZumoXT for my motorcycle. Most of the routes I make are for motorcycling.
I've googled {GPS model} {problem} and got results of Garmins online manual that tells me the unit will do what I want, but doesn't tell me how to do it, MANY times! And, yes, I put that in a comment.
I keep looking for a replacement for BaseCamp... but still use it.
I edit all the gpx files I get out of it before transferring to the GPS.
Now I'm learning how to work with track gpx files since the Zumo XT works with them, including going from finish to start.
I'm retired USAF enlisted and from civilian computer & network support.
I'm in the great lakes area of the USA.
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Re: Finally got a Zumo and found the forum

Post by KTM-Don »

Hi HipG:

I'm also in the Great Lakes Area, specifically Ann Arbor, MI. Purchased the Zumo for my BMW R1200RT. I'm experimenting with various tools to build and download points and routes to the Zumo. I have used Basecamp and MyRoute-App, still learning what I can do with external apps and the device itself.

Ideally, I think I would like a connection of routes and points that I can string together to get me to new areas. If you are avoiding freeways there are only so many ways to get out of Michigan.

Sounds like you have a strong technology background, interested in seeing your posts and comments.


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