Touch Screen Troubles

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Touch Screen Troubles

Post by RVISDEW »

My ZUMO 396 is mounted on my motorcycle. I will update or change parameters while I am riding. Annoying is when I attempt to add a destination (way point) while on the move. Sometimes, though rarely, when I touch the screen it works (with a glove on). Most of the time I have to press and press again, use the tip of my glove finger and then try to use the pad of my finger (thru the glove). Eventually, the touch screen will work ... but usually after many pains taking attempts. I've tried different gloves (all leather or imitation) ... if I could magically take a glove off while riding, it would work. Anyone have any hints on using the 'touch screen' with gloves? :?:
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Re: Touch Screen Troubles

Post by axil »

I have the same issue. When I try to press on something with my gloved finger, the screen scrolls back and forth a bit rather than selecting the item. Drives me crazy.
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Re: Touch Screen Troubles

Post by JD Hog »

Get a stylus pen and use that. It's a lot more accurate than using a glove finger or no glove.

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