Phone audio gets dropped when Zumo 396 is turned on

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Phone audio gets dropped when Zumo 396 is turned on

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New to Garmin Zumo 396,,.
I have it paired up to a Senna 30K, its accesses MP3 music files from my Android phone and gives navigation prompts via Senna Speakers
Seems when I try to receive a phone call its barely discernable,,, also if I'm on a phone call and turn on Zumo 396 it cuts the audio out,,.

I find the 396 phone feature redundant as it works fine without it between S8 phone and Senna,,.
Is there a way of running the Zumo 396 and having the phone feature disabled, seems to drop the calls off even when the phone Bluetooth selection is in the off position,,. Ex talking on Senna phone call and turn on GPS, call gets dropped even when phone selection in Zumo 396 is off?
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Re: Phone audio gets dropped when Zumo 396 is turned on

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A very belated welcome to the forums.

I don't know the 396, but have loads of experience with the 550 660, 590, 595 and XT. With respect to phone and music and headphones they behave in a similar way.

It is important that you pair everything with the Zumo. Get the headphones paired first and ensure that navigation and music is coming through clearly.

Then pair the phone to the Zumo - not to the headset.

I suspect that the 396 will have a mixer within the volume control settings. If so there will be separate levels for each of music, navigation and phone. Depending in your earphones, there may be a master volume control, or that may be left to the control on the earphone.

It is common to get interruptions to the signal if you normally have your Zumo, earphones and phone connected to other devices. Break those connections when testing at home or near to such equipment that may be trying to connect.
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