Routes with waypoints

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Routes with waypoints

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So I've got the transfer gpx route to explorer and then sync with Zumo XT ok. Problem is that the waypoints are missing on route. I can follow the route with no problem but no waypoints. Help please.
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Re: Routes with waypoints

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Explore is not yet at the right level to handle this kind of routing. After import(or share) the one thing that remains are the so-called route points, thus making it a what BaseCamp would call a 'direct' route. All the extra info, among others info in the ViaPoints(mostly these are Waypoints) and ShapingPoints are filtered out.

So, for the time being I would advise you to share a route by the old-school cable or by means of the Garmin Drive app. This way it will turn up un-harmed in the Trip planner on the XT.

And, for the future, keep watching the further development of the Explore feature. I think it has great potential but needs more sharpening for routes.

Have a good one today!
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