Usual Newbie question

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Usual Newbie question

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Hi from the UK
I basically just need to reset my Zumo XT (Fresh start) and download City Navigator 2021.20 to Basecamp so they both correspond on the same map when Im planning a route ,I dont need worldwide just UK full coverage and how to install it to my PC
Cheers all
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Re: Usual Newbie question

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With the XT, you can't do this part -> " to install it to my PC". If the XT is the only one you own then you are required by Garmin to have the XT connected to your computer so Base Camp can use the maps from it. It is a point of great gnashing of teeth, headaches and heartburn of late.

If you have an older device registered with Garmin (mine was an old nuvi 780) you can still put the map on your PC. I un-registered it from my acct, we plugged it in to another member's laptop and he registered it as his in his acct. Now he can put the map on his computer. That easy.

Here in the Former Colonies we can get an old device with LM (lifetime maps) from ebay for as little as USD$25 to work around the problem. Garmin says "we're working on it" but most here are skeptical.
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