Howdy here

Feel free to join up and say hello here.
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Howdy here

Post by Fun4-2 »

Moved from the other site. Looking forward to the possibility of meeting some if not all of you.

I love to travel by motorcycle and spend as much time on the road.

I do have some questions about some the zumo550 and znmo665.
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Re: Howdy here

Post by Moose »

welcome aboard post your questions we have a wealth of knowledge with the great people on this board.

how did you hear about the zumo forum ?
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Re: Howdy here

Post by Wingstyle »

Welcome. I'm sure you can get your answers here.
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Re: Howdy here

Post by Sleuth »


Ask your questions, I am sure there is at least one person who can answer them.

Best regards
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Re: Howdy here

Post by dave726 »

I've had my Z550 and Z665 since they came out. I remember a lot of what was discussed on the old zumo site. There's a number of names you'll recognize over here.