DD-WRT and WIFI Connections "No Internet"

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DD-WRT and WIFI Connections "No Internet"

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I received my XT from Garmin this week. So far, I have only found one anomaly with trying to re-order the map tools (Up Ahead, etc) options. The options get all messed up - and then have a mind of their own. I had to do a full reset to get them to stop moving around on their own. I will not try to re-order again.

I have DD-WRT on most of my routers. All my devices connect no problem. The XT will connect via WIFI but displays "No Internet" on all the DD-WRT routers. I have an outdoor access point that is not DD-WRT and the XT connects no problem. I suspected a DNS issue. So I tuned off DNSMasq. Sure enough, the XT connected to the Internet.

For those running DD-WRT and not having a problem - what settings do you have for DNS?

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Re: DD-WRT and WIFI Connections "No Internet"

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I had rhe same issue. I use adguard in my network. Adguard blocks suspicious dns requests. I looks like garmin uses some strange websites. After i disabled adguard everything worked fine.