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Re: New Firmware

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mzeist wrote: 30 Mar 2021 19:31 I had the same problem, but I happened to have a backup of the current.gpx made by Garmin Express on my pc when there was still firmware version 2.90 on the XT. You can normally find them in a folder below this path: "C:\Users\mzeist\Documents\Garmin\Backups" ('mzeist' being something else of course)

I opened this backup in BaseCamp and was then able to copy my favourites and routes back to the XT. (After a factory reset, but I'm not sure that's necessary) after this action, the XT creates an new current.gpx which is again readable by Basecamp.

My guess is that Garmin changed something in an internal table structure which causes the missing <rte> tags and much more routing elements, but this new table structure is filled correctly with new data.
I finally could mitigate the current.gpx problem without having to more or less reset the device.

I opened all the routes I have on the Zumo, one after the other (and also clicked on the "map button" of each route but can't say if that was necessary or not). After that I connected the device to the pc, and voilà no error in Basecamp, and all the routes and waypoints were there.

My explanation is very similar to yours, mzeist - I think Garmin changed the internal route structure with 6.1 (possibly added an <rtept> tag, e.g.) but didn't upgrade the actual routes during the firmware installation process. This upgrade to the new structure seems to take place only when the routes are "opened" but not when they are internally read to build the current.gpx to connect to a pc (and also the sharing process of a route seems to expect only the new format as I realized when trying to backup my routes etc. according to jfheath's suggestion).
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Re: New Firmware

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JS_racer wrote: 11 Mar 2021 11:52 sounds like some good stuff,
the group ride thing, not sure I get that. most have coms, for the group ride, they would need the xt and the add on ?? would be kinda fun seeing how far you can gap your buddy in the bendy bits. lol
Is the radio antenna just for comms? Can you still see the other bike locations icons on the map?

I would like to see this feature to know where MrSlow is in relation to the rest of the group, or had a breakdown, or if somebody took the wrong turn.