MP3 on startup

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MP3 on startup

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Gday all,

I have about 2500 songs on the SD card in a file named "MP3". Within that folder I have 38 sub-folders that i've used to divide the songs, for example "Rock", "Pop" and "Metal". I used mp3tag to get rid of all the tags on the songs except for "Genre" and use Genre to sort/play my songs. I used the same system on my 660.

The problem is that, when you turn the XT off at the end of your days riding, the next day you turn it on, it doesn't begin where you left off, like the 660 did. I have to select "Genre" then "Play All" then the music starts at the first song in the Genre folder rather than where it finished the day before.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?

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Re: MP3 on startup

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Hi Similar Issue even with newest FW.

I have around 3'000 Files in the MP3 Root, no further subfolders.
Random Play is switched on.
On every Zumo Start, it always starts with the File having the very first album title (in alphabetical order) in the tags, not in file name.
After that, the following titles are then in random order.