Express 7.7.1

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Express 7.7.1

Post by simoncrewe »

Garmin Express version 7.7.1 just released.

Don't hold your breath though, I still get an error message when I try to download the maps to my PC with my XT, problem reported to Garmin on 28/05/2021, only 7 weeks ago!
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Re: Express 7.7.1

Post by jfheath »

Well it certainly now has an option to install the map to the computer under Options.

The map to the computer installed Ok in just under half an hour. Whole of Europe, v2022.1

Install Map.jpg

Now to try the update to the XT .......... Yes - that worked fine. No problems. Took about an hour. Maybe less.

And - (this may be old news) - it has an option - under the Manage Maps link - to install sections of the map and select whether to install to internal memory or to the SD card. It's been a while since I looked at that particular area - so it may have been there a while.

Map area.jpg
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