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Post by Pockets »

Hi, new member with a very old satnav, I’ve just purchased (used) 550 which I believe is a very old model. Up to now it appears to be ok, its fitted to by bike, but I would like to connect it to my PC but apparently I need a 12 digit number which I haven’t got. Is there a way round his, i ask the previous owner but he said he never used it and had never heard of it.
Well thats it for now but look out there will be many many questions to follow.

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Post by Stu »

Hi and welcome to the forum I can't help with the question but I'm sure someone will be along soon to advise you :)

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Post by pidjones »

Call Garmin or check their website.

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Post by carolinarider09 »

I have a 550 as well and I simply connect it to the PC and it connects as a usb type drive (well its connected via the USB port). I have never experienced the issue you have. As suggested, a call to Garmin might be in order.

Question: When you connect it does the PC recognize it as a "drive" connected?

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Welcome bud

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Welcome to the forum
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