Getting Routes from Microsoft Streets and Trips To 595

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Getting Routes from Microsoft Streets and Trips To 595

Post by carolinarider09 »

I have a "new to me" Zumo 595. My intent was to replace the 665 I had on my Goldwing for longer trips (more reliability and brighter screen). Well the screen is not much brighter but....

Also I was using Microsoft Streets and Trips to plan my routes and then upload the resulting GPX files to my 665. Could not do that with the 595. John Heath helped me find a work around and I needed. But I just ended up planning the trips on Streets and Trips and then just copying the results, manually, to Basecamp.

Since I have two computers I have Basecamp on both machines. What I found yesterday, when doing some work on the iMac and I launched Basecamp, I noted that the list of files on the right hand side of the screen included files that were automatically downloaded from my Garmin 665 to Basecamp.

I copied the files to a temporary drive, loaded the drive on my laptop and could copy the files to Basecamp on that machine. I then loaded them onto my 595 and it worked.

In other words, I can use Streets and Trips to create routes to use on 595 but I have to use the 665 or 660 I have as a "waypoint". I have not tested the routes yet, just viewed the results.

So...... looks like I can still use Streets and Trips as long as I use the other Garmin devices (660 or 665) as a "transition" point.