zumo 340lm

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zumo 340lm

Post by Trekker »

this is in use on my motorbike ,it is 11 years old and always performed well/

Now keeps saying BATTERY low and I believe the charging unit is working properly

Could it be it needs a new battery due to age ?

anyone any knowledge please


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Re: zumo 340lm

Post by jfheath »


I don't know the 340 series, but I have just taken a quick look at the manual.

It doesn't look as thought he battery is accessible without unscrewing the body - but the unit itself has 3 power sources. The battery itself, the bike cradle - 2 pins on the back which mate with 2 pins on the cradle, and the USB / car adapter.

If power from the USB does not charge the battery and power from the bike cradle does not charge the battery, but both provide sufficient powere to keep it working when in the car/on the bike - then either the battery is faulty (at 11 years it is distinctly possible), or the charging / power circuitry has packed in - the electronics that allows the unti to be in use even though it is charging.

I don't know of a way to know which it is. If it was mine, I'd take a look inside and see what battery replacement you need, and then get one from Garmin - to ensure you don't get a dodgy one.

Do you ride a motorbike using the USB connector, or is it powered through the cradle ? The USB conenctor on the bike will be prone to too much vibration and they tend to fail - much sooner than 11 years though - which is why they usea different cradle for a motorcycle.
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