Zumo XT not recognizing it's on the cradle

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Re: Zumo XT not recognizing it's on the cradle

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Cheers Peobody .... It wll be interesting to see what Garmin have to say about it. Looking through the post on here, I will obviously be stripping off the cradle (yet again) and have a closer look at just what versions I have. I.E. old cradle, new cradle, old cable, new cable etc. I will report back once Ive had a reply from Garmin but as you can probably tell .... I am really annoyed at this problem. It shouldn't happen. Very poor from Garmin.
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Re: Zumo XT not recognizing it's on the cradle

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kernowing wrote: 02 Jun 2022 17:42 Posts like these make me glad that I've not yet splashed out on a new XT. So many queries and problems with the latest offering from Garmin mean I'll be sticking with my trusty 660 for a while yet.
It is called human nature. Regardless of the product be it a cake mixer or a car or camera or a GPS if people have issues they are far more inclined to bitch and moan and make a point of bitching and moaning in multiple locations than people who are happy with product are to compliment it. Pick any forum on any subject and read through it and you will see what I mean.
Obviously a proportion of any manufactured product have problems and for the people who have problems those issues are important but in the case of this particular product tens if not hundreds of thousands will have been sold worldwide and the vast majority of users have brought the product and installed and used it trouble free without even joining forums to let others know their positive experiences.

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