Using "Where I've been" information

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Re: Using "Where I've been" information

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Where is the "Where I've been" ?
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Re: Using "Where I've been" information

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It's one of the apps on the Zumo XT.
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Re: Using "Where I've been" information

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When you connect your Zumo to the USB port and a computer, you can access the logs as raw GPX files.

These will bo on th Zumo -> Internal Storage->GPX->Archive

The files will be numbered 1.gpx, 2.gpx etc etc. Only the last handful of files will be saved. The 590 would store the latest 20 files - after which it would delete the earliest. I haven't got that far with the XT yet, so I don't know what that does. I did read that it stores the last 6 months worth of riding.

In addition, the most recent log is stored in the previous folder on the Zumo XT ie Internal Storage->GPX in a file that is called CurrentTrackLog.gpx

This is the file that is still being written to. When the XT thinks that it is full enough, it move it to the archive folder and renames it with the next number in the sequence and starts a brand new CurrentTrackLog.gpx

These gpx files can be loaded into many map programs. I dowload mine every couple of months and save them. I use MemoryMaps with UK Ordnance Survey Maps. They provide an easy to maintain record of where I have been and when. They (the routes rather than the gpx files) are available directly from Basecamp when your Zumo is plugged in - listed as Active Logs with a date and a time.

You can use Basecamp to create a route from them automatically, but you end up with a route with a lot of shaping points.
Far better (in my opinion) to draw the track on the screen, and then create a new route and place routing points (Waypoints, Shaping Points, Via Points) to get Basecamp to produce a route that follows the same line as the track. If you use the motorcycle profile with Faster Time with no avoidances, and you use the same settings in the Zumo, it will follow the route exactly - if it needs to recalculate, it should produce a very similar that takes you throught the same points.
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