Sending Routes to Zumo 450/550

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Sending Routes to Zumo 450/550

Post by MSTOCK27370 »

As part of a thread on the 450/550 sub forum, I made a change to a route and wanted to send it to my 550.

I did this in Mapsource (6.16.03) and sent the route. When I ejected the 550 from my PC and it booted up, it told me that it had new data to be managed. I selected that, and the screen for the new data was EMPTY, no route. I tried more than once, changed the name o the route in MS and tried again, still no route in the Zumo.

Eventually I tried playing around with the 550 in BaseCamp and when the Zumo powered up with the new data message, my routes were there to be imported. Including the route that I ONLY renamed in Mapsource. Then I tried my 450. That device also would not display any new data after the send to device in Mapsource. In BaseCamp, all I did was send one Waypoint to the 450, no routes. When the 450 booted up, after that, the Favorite was there along with the Route to be imported.

Garmin's long advice for the 450/550 was that you had to use Mapsource, not BaseCamp. Is this still true? And if so, is this work-around that I was forced into the only way to get new data to show up in these Zumos?
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Re: Sending Routes to Zumo 450/550

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I just saw your message. I have not used Map Source in a while. But just wanted you to know I did read it.

I still use Microsoft Streets and Trips. :)

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