Problems with routes

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Problems with routes

Post by Madmary333 »

I had a zumo 550 and loved it, but it was stolen so I got a 595 and hate it. When I started a route in the 550 I would hit go and follow the line and voice prompts
Easy. I'm the 550 if I started a route from a place other then the beginning of the route I would be asked if I wanted to navigate to the beginning of route. A no answer would bring up the line and I could follow it, easy. I would like to do this with the 595 if there is a way. I hate Having to pick fr waypoints, it's a pain. Sometimes if I start after a stop and don't select the next point it has me driving in circles. I really like the old zumo better. Is there anything I can do to make the 595 more le the older zumos. Thanks

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Re: Problems with routes

Post by sussamb »

I'm afraid that is how Trip Planner works. What some do is have a route also saved as a track, that way you can navigate back to the track.

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Re: Problems with routes

Post by jfheath »

It is possible to make the 595 to behave something like the 550, but it would require you to use Basecamp to plan your routes.

The trick is to not have any alerting route points (Via Points) other than the start and finish. Make everything else shaping points.
Put your start point some way up the road from where you will actually be starting, and select that when you start. The satnav will take you there, and then (unlike the 550) will start to navigate the route without having to do anything.

If you deviate from the route, as soon as you rejoin the magenta line it will continue navigation from that point. However, in the meantime it may recalculate a route to get you back to the missed point (as did the 550), but turning recalculation off and any traffic data will minimise that risk.

On the 595 screen if you make a route they all end up as Via Points. On the 590 you could change these to shaping points. You can do that on the 595 too, but if you do it shifts the point to another location. Thats why you would need to use Basecamp. Garmin know about this issue (I have told them, and have had replies). Its with the software engineers to fix.

This makes it behave more like the 550, but not exactly the same. (Thank goodness - I seem to remember that the 550 was quite determined to make you visit evey single point. This is much more flexible).

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