595 and AUTOCOMM intercoms

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595 and AUTOCOMM intercoms

Post by Tyke150 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 6:19 pm

Hi folks...advice required....

Recently installed a Garmin Zumo 595 LM on my 1150rt.

The bike has an AUTOCOMM Active rider intercom. Its old school but I like it as it connects to the on board Bmw radio. The 595 has the options of bluetooth connection to a bluetooth communicator / headset or can also be hard wired to a suitable device instead.

I have 'hard wired' the Zumo using its ''audio out / mic / audio in '' leads using an Autocom 4066 connection lead in order that I can hear the sat nav via the Autocom. Now this is where I need advice.

I have blue toothed my iPhone 8 Plus to the Zumo to use the smart link/traffic app and to receive the odd call from the wife asking '' when are you coming home etc ''
when the Zumo is connected to the autocomm via the 4066 lead the audio from the zumo media player and phone is very quiet and in MONO
If I disconnect the autocomm 4066 audio out lead and use a seperate audio lead to connect ''audio out '' from the ZUMO but leave the MIC connected ...the Audio is much clearer and in stereo...

I hope this has made any sense as it has me baffled.

I have rung both chain speed and autocomm for advice but since leaving a message one their respective answer machines I haven't had any response .

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