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Bluetooth Communicators

Post by RadioFlyer » Sat Aug 18, 2018 1:22 pm

Just wondering what the experience has been in using the 276Cx with Bluetooth communicators.

I paired up my 276Cx with my Cardo Packtalk. At first it would not work at all other than getting some odd noises while pairing. I gave up and set Bluetooth to OFF in setup. Later while riding solo I started hearing a bit of static and oddly enough I could hear button pushes and navigation audio from the 276Cx. Thing is though that Bluetooth was still set to OFF in setup! I went through some back and forth in setup and verified that indeed the setting was OFF yet audio came through whether set to ON or OFF. Finally I found that if I started at OFF, set to ON then set back to OFF that the Bluetooth actually would go OFF. This wasn't a huge deal but two other things bothered me. The first is that there seemed to be a constantly open channel whenever I did have audio working from the 276Cx such that there was always some minor static going on even when there was no actual audio (i.e. button pushes or nav audio) being sent. The second is that while audio was working from the 276Cx I lost the ability to give voice commands to the Packtalk. As a consequence I gave up and simply removed the Packtalk as a paired audio device in the 276Cx setup. I used my 276C for years without the benefit of audio so I figure I can do the same with the 276Cx. Perhaps Garmin can improve the behaviour in some subsequent release.

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